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Live Panel Cleaning

A new era of industrial cleaning and maintenance has arrived. Technology is a powerful tool. The product's decontamination process is solely physical: contaminants are decomposed, wrapped in nano molecules, and then removed through liquid pressure. Dust, oil, carbon stains, salt, moisture, metal particles, and other contaminants attached to the equipment can all be easily removed. It is purely a physical cleaning process, zero harm to the equipment and all parts.

When electrical, electronic and communication equipment is in use, nano material live cleaning and protective maintenance services are available. After Nano material cleaning then applying protective agent, the equipment will be moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and salt fog-proof for a long time, improving equipment operation reliability and extending equipment service life. The cleaning detergent is environment friendly, odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic, high insulation, neutral PH Value and non-corrosive.

Our solution promises to eliminate dust from equipment, reduce temperatures, restore insulation, increase wind speeds in inlets and outlets, reduce noise, and eliminate static. The solution covers live or offline physical sweeping and cleaning of primary electrical equipment such as insulator surfaces, bushings, surge arrestors, reactors and capacitor banks. It also covers the cleaning of secondary high and low voltage power distribution equipment, and network communication equipment.